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What is the story of Baron Palace ?

Books about Baron Palace says :

" Baron Palace ... which was built by Baron Empain in 1905 ... Had Qadtk conditions to watch the palace now you'll find on the walls graphics strange skulls and the Star of David and talismans strange and unexplained and will be brought to your attention also to the large number of bats dead and slaughtered .

Baron Edouard Empain (1852 - 1929) has been associated with projects of industrial development in Europe participated in the mega-projects in Europe and elsewhere in Spain , Russia, China , Egypt and others .. The progress Baron Empain year 1905 to the Egyptian government to allow the establishment of the suburb of Heliopolis for the establishment of housing large desert lands at a price of one pound per acre of land ... and the encouragement of the Egyptian government and the great facilities established Baron many companies as water, electricity and Metro Heliopolis and other companies to divide the land and build houses , was built Empain this palace in 1872 AD palace special to him and was built in five years to come out on this wonderful picture . Image: Baron Empain 'Palace, Masr El Gedida, Cairo, Egypt image in Takla site : Palace of Baron Empain , Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt Image: Baron Empain 'Palace, Masr El Gedida, Cairo, Egypt

Image at the site of Takla : Baron Empain Palace , Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt

The area of ​​the palace six acres and a half , or about 30 thousand square meters ... and his garden were all citrus fruits, but they were denied water for the palace Fjvt garden .. The palace consists of two parts .. the main palace and a small extension near him , and on the walls there are statues of great alabaster and dances of India , and elephants raise the windows .. and the Knights of carrying swords and mythical animals leaning against the walls of the palace and the model of the Buddha and pieces of art were formulated in the hands of international artists . The palace designed by French artist global "Alexander Marcel ," which combine the two styles of architecture .. one of them belongs to the Renaissance , especially statues of State ... and the other method which is building the palace itself , which belongs to the Indian style domed long- sweetened statues of Lord Buddha and closets decorated with statues of stories Indian superstitious .. It has been designed palace so as not to lose sight of the sun is going over the wheels moving on Bearings .. has molding Egyptian workers for the first time under the supervision of engineers from Belgium, Italy, the largest base of concrete based on Bearings .. and those Ola rust now the wheels and stop the finger Ibarha not in place , and nothing in the whole world is moving , but Palace Baron Palace , the Palace of Sakakini Sakakini district of Cairo, which is also disabled after being paralyzed .

The Baron Palace has long basements ... one leads to the church that turned his name , and the second leads to the hotel that bears his name and is also the Baron , and the third is the basement leads to the palace of the president, " [ p 117-143 Satanists .. equally ill-fated .

He lived Empain with his wife, Baroness and two daughters , but occurred incident ugly to his wife where it was said that they crammed in the elevator that transports food or may be dropped from the top of the tower and died , and in both cases the crime is caused by arson , was his youngest daughter , " that" she then eight years , has been I watched this gruesome incident affected in them so much.

I care Baron Empain reconstruction suburb of Heliopolis , and he was assisted in this Duke " Mariby " French man buried , and arose friendship between " that" which amounted to seventeen -year-old and " Sylvia ," the daughter of the Duke Mariby .. The " Sylvia " with ties to satanic and was able to controls " that" has donated paper Mvddh painted with the inverted cross , so she should have installed on the walls of her room beautiful pink , which lies west of the palace .. I did not know that her friend Sylvia that led to the worship of the devil unknowingly , altering much intact , was loud Dgadtha for the night with her ​​friend Silvia , was launched from the smell of incense and entered her room ... with Sylvia and Sylvia closest friends to the basement , where they were firing incense , chanting hymns and mournful , then relive the death of her mother Vtsab rampage while friends call him the devil intent to worship ... (see more on this topic here at the site of St. Takla in sections of articles and other books ) . Worsened the condition that noted her father and maids palace this , and pointed doctor palace to the need to change her room until you feel calm and relaxed , but to no avail .. What's more, things are bad killing six servers one after the other , including Madame " De Morier " Head of served the palace , where crammed in the elevator which starts from the kitchen to the basement , where the upper floor and was holding her head separated from her body .. The irony is that after every incident that was trying to commit suicide , which indicates that there was a link between them and these ugly incidents also .. at Baron 's brother was killed in the basement did not last ... these events long after two years to recognize the evil Sylvia received that killed a nineteen -year-old .. Baron Empain and returned to Austria after the disaster and after suffering mental illness .

It was said that the devil Akhtar Baron Palace because the palace was hexagonal walls , which fits with the second condition of the doctrine of the daemon in six directions ... and contrary to the four-way (code Christian Cross ) where refuse Devil dispatch his envoy within an area surrounded by this configuration " [ p 91 worship Satan - Walid Tonman ] .

It is said that the voices chanting sad hear at night in a room blood palace during the month of March each year , the month which received that the killed , and numerous rumors about the palace until he came some foreigners to visit during the year 1982.1986 m .. As in recent years has been rumored some young men and women to the palace where they were staying ritual satanic worship
Baron Palace 1 by pendo2010

BaronPalace5 by pendo2010

Baronpalace1 by pendo2010

Baronpalace5a by pendo2010

Baronpalace6 by pendo2010

Baronpalace8 by pendo2010

Baronpalace7 by pendo2010Qasr al-Baron, Heliopolis - by pendo2010

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